We are both a travel agency, with registration number CV-Mm2424-V, and an active tourism company TA-188-V specialized in trips and excursions from the city of Valencia to different destinations beyond the city of Valencia. The activities and destinations are varied, but trips to small, quiet destinations in contact with nature predominate. We organize both small group trips on certain dates where anyone can join, as well as private trips on demand. We can also advise you depending on what you are looking for and offer you tour packages or excursions for you to go on your own. Travel communication can be in both Spanish and English.


The agency specializes in slow tourism, a way of conceiving travel that differs from the conventional and mass tourism that predominates today. It is based on a more leisurely and relaxed form of travel that places a strong emphasis on sustainability, commitment to culture, local gastronomy, contact with nature, and total unhurried enjoyment of the different experiences that take place during the trip.


Beyond the places and territories known to all, there are countless incredible places that go unnoticed by the vast majority. Although in some itineraries we can visit must-see places that are very popular, we want to offer a more rural tourism and give you the possibility to explore less known places and territories, where you can live unique and different experiences.


All trips are designed by us to those places that we know have something different to surprise you with. We work with other small companies that do different things in the places we take you. We are committed to sustainable tourism that benefits local economies.

The activities that can be carried out during the different trips can be very varied and for all tastes.

We want to offer endless possibilities of things to see/do on our trips. Visiting beautiful villages, interesting festivals, tasting the local gastronomy, nature tourism, hiking trails, horseback riding, wildlife watching, wine tourism, olive oil tourism (oil tasting, concerts in the olive grove...), observation of star-studded skies (astro-tourism), adventure activities (rafting, canyoning, kayaking...) and much more... Each destination and even each season is different and the possibilities can change even in the same place.

Pau Chinestra - Beyond Valencia Trips - Rutas naturaleza en Valencia

Behind all this...

My name is Pau and I love to travel and discover new places, especially those unknown places that still keep their essence. I was born and raised in an inland town in the province of Valencia, although I have also spent some time living in other countries. I have left Valencia many times but I always ended up coming back. Along the way I have visited almost 30 countries and lived in 5 of them on three different continents. I have a lot of experience organizing trips and I have traveled almost all over my country. With Beyond Valencia Trips I want to take you and show you my favorite places in my own country, places that have transmitted something special to me and that I am sure you will like. Places near Valencia for short trips, but also in other provinces for longer trips. If you want to get to know places beyond those known by all tourists and live new experiences, you are in the right place!

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