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Group trips and excursions from Valencia

In Beyond Valencia Trips, we offer you a variety of group trips and excursions from Valencia that allow you to discover the greatness and beauty that this land holds beyond its beautiful city.

We provide you with a selection of exclusive excursions primarily focused on its lush nature and the charm of its villages, rich in traditions. These group trips offer the chance to explore hidden gems that are sure to surprise you, all while connecting with fellow travellers who share similar interests.

Next, you can see all the excursions and group trips from Valencia that we currently have available.

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Information about our group trips and excursions

Our group excursions can span one or multiple days, typically taking place on non-working days, making them perfect for your weekend getaways. However, it’s worth noting that we also organize private excursions and trips upon request, available on any date – check the “Private Trips” section for more details.

Our group excursions welcome individuals with a passion for exploring new places and embracing fresh experiences. Beyond being an excellent opportunity to discover diverse locations, they provide an ideal setting for meeting like-minded people. With group sizes typically ranging from 4 to 15 participants, these excursions are perfectly tailored for connecting with individuals who share similar interests. It’s an excellent opportunity for solo travelers, eliminating the need to depend on others to create exciting plans.

You’ll encounter both locals and individuals from various corners of the world since your trip coordinator is fluent in both English and Spanish. In 2023, people from 39 different countries joined one of our excursions.

For most excursions (except those using public transportation), we offer transportation services from the city of Valencia. However, you also have the option to use your vehicle at a reduced price.

In our group trips and excursions from Valencia, we aim to provide you with the best of our province and many others. We want you to discover the wonders hidden very close to the city – in small villages brimming with magic and tradition, or in natural corners of breathtaking beauty.

The itineraries and activities included in these trips may vary based on various factors, with our main goal being to continually surprise you with the best each place has to offer at any given moment. Whether it’s hiking, breathtaking natural landscapes, waterfalls, or natural pools, visits to wineries, peculiar traditional festivals, castles, or charming villages.

The trips and excursions we offer at Beyond Valencia Trips result from a careful selection of the most intriguing places near Valencia, suitable for both day trips and more distant destinations for journeys lasting more than a day.

Our destinations primarily embrace serene locations in close connection with nature, although it doesn’t rule out the possibility of exploring a city during some journeys. Beyond being a travel agency that crafts group excursions and trips from Valencia, we also specialize in active and nature tourism. Therefore, if you are a enthusiast of this type of travel, the places we recommend at Beyond Valencia Trips are certain to captivate you. These splendid sites, far from being the most touristy, will enchant you just as much, if not more, than other heavily visited locations.

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