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Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding Valencia! Explore the region through thrilling hiking trails that will lead you to stunning landscapes and corners brimming with natural beauty. From the vibrant city to the tranquillity of the mountains, hiking in Valencia offers a unique experience for nature enthusiasts of all kinds.

There are options for all levels and ages, from family-friendly outings with minimal difficulty, perfect for capturing beautiful photos, to routes leading to more unexplored areas.

We’ve provided some destination options, but there are many more. If you have another place in mind, let us know. You can extend your stay and combine it with other activities or destinations.

For more information, fill out the form on the right. The price varies depending on factors like group size, with or without meals, with or without accommodation, etc. Tell us everything we need to know to organize your desired excursion.

Buñol y Yátova

Experience the breathtaking landscapes shaped by the Juanes River over time, featuring cascades, including a 60-meter waterfall over a natural rock amphitheatre and a smaller one creating a magical spot within a cave.

Hiking route: Choose from a couple of kilometres of easy, family-friendly paths offering great photo opportunities at the waterfalls, to a 7-10 km route exploring more remote areas. The trail difficulty is easy but it requires a basic level of fitness. Bonus: Enjoy a picnic in nature with local products.

Distance from Valencia: 40km. Approximate travel time: 45 minutes.

Recommendation: Ideal for a peaceful experience in autumn and winter. On hot days, take a refreshing dip, but be mindful of potential crowds. Avoid weekends in summer if possible.




The charming village of Chulilla, with its white houses, is worth a visit, but the real beauty lies just a short distance away. Prepare to be amazed by the Turia River Canyon, with walls towering over 80 meters high. You’ll cross the river on two hanging bridges and revel in the beauty of other spots like Charco Azul and Loriguilla Reservoir.

Route Highlights: To experience the main attractions mentioned earlier, a simple linear walk of 4km is sufficient. Keep in mind there are about 100 steps, and it’s not suitable for those with a fear of heights due to the hanging bridges. There are other options for 8km, 11km, 14km, and 16km. After the hike, enjoy a drink in the village square and some free time for a stroll through its streets.

Distance from Valencia: 60km. Approximate travel time: 1 hour.

Recommendation: This is one of the most popular routes, so for a better experience, choose a date that is not a weekend or holiday.

Cortes de Pallás

A rather remote area surrounded by nature and dreamlike landscapes. It boasts numerous enticing places to visit and hiking trails of varying difficulty. From the 3km route to Chirel Castle, offering breathtaking views of the Júcar River, to ascending to the mountain’s summit for panoramic vistas reminiscent of any exotic country you can imagine.

Distance from Valencia: 80km. Approximate travel time: 1:30h. Secondary road with curves.

Recommendation: The journey can be challenging due to the winding roads, making it highly advisable to stay overnight. Immerse yourself in the local cuisine, tranquillity, and the plethora of attractions available.



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